Student Transportation

My child left their belongings on his/her bus. What should I do?
Check with your driver the next day or contact the front desk of your childís school.

How do I find out where and when my childís bus stop is?
Bus passes are mailed out three weeks before the start of school. If you havenít received it by the second week before school you may contact your school for the information.

My childís bus did not arrive on time.
If it is the first time, the driver may have been running late that day. If it is a constant occurrence contact your school to verify the pick up and drop off time.

What should I do if my child missed the bus?
Students should be at their bus location at least 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up times. Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting children who are late for the bus.

What should I do if my child did not get off the bus?
Contact the front office of your childís school. If your child is in second grade or under and a parent/guardian is not at the stop to pick them up, then they are returned to the school.

What time will my childís bus come when there is early release?
If release is scheduled two hours early the scheduled time will be two hours early. If release is scheduled an hour early the scheduled time with be an hour early, etc.

Can my child ride the bus home with their friend?
You must first submit a request to your school. Approval is based on available room on the bus. Children are not allowed to get on a different bus in the morning or ride a different bus home without an approved bus pass.

How do I request a new bus stop after we've moved?
You need to submit a change of address with your school. You must supply proof of residence.

How do I report a complaint, issue or compliment in regards to transportation?
Contact the transportation coordinator at your school providing them as much detail as possible.

The depot stop my child has been assigned to is too far from our home. Can I request a closer stop?
The depot stops are set stops for those students living beyond the eligible zone for transportation and will not be changed. Parents/Guardians may need to provide transportation to and from the stop location.

Field Trips

What type of buses do you supply?
We have 65 & 85 passenger school buses kept in great condition. Each is serviced and inspected monthly and we use trusted bus models like Thomas and Bluebird.

How do I obtain a rate for a trip?
Call or submit a quote online. Please have ready the date of the trip, pick up location, destination(s), departure times, numbers of passengers and contact information.